Artist Statement | Edgar Vaskanyan

  Edgar Vaskanyan

Contemporary Visual Artist

Artist Statement


I find an inspiration in many, mostly and primarily modern, contemporary art styles such as; Architectural, Geometric Abstraction, Cubism, Minimalism, Hard-Edge, Modern Art. I do enjoy working with all types of media; oil, acrylic, watercolor, permanent markers, ink, charcoals, pencils, pens, gouache as well as linocuts, depending on the project, but my main interests of the medium are with the acrylic, permanent markers and collage cutouts by using paper, recycled cardboard to create the Architectural, Structural, Geometric and Scenic figures in a low-relief assemblage.

I strive to create and show artworks from my own perspective, to show my vision of present events and, my premonition, prediction of future events through my Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic architecture and design.   

I strive to bring my artworks into this world of art for art lovers and collectors so they could enjoy seeing and owning my artworks.